Spring into Summer

So, here we are at the end of March and although most people have spring break or Easter on the brain; PR peeps are focusing on end of summer holidays such as Memorial Day and July 4th.  Even if you aren’t in the Public Relations industry, it may be a good idea to start thinking like a publicist.  You see, many successful entrepreneurs believe in order to grow and thrive, you need to plan ahead, strategize, and really think about where you want to see your brand in the next quarter.

For instance, if you have a product that is geared towards women, right now you should definitely be sending out story ideas for Easter and Mother’s Day.  Right?  Of course!  But, in a world where there are 50 million other brands that offer similar products, how do you get yours noticed?

The key is in the planning.  In order to reach and peek the interest of your consumer, you have to convey a thought provoking message that truly speaks to your core demographic .  For instance, for a holiday like Mother’s Day, you could just offer the typical coupon code or free giveaway like everyone else. Or, you could produce a heartfelt video post on social media offering personalized stories and images that engages your audience.  Perhaps at the end of the video you offer a fun giveaway or discount.

These types of promotional ideas take time to plan and execute.  We’ve all seen the off-the-cuff videos posted on Facebook or Instagram with smart phones.  Now, these videos can be very entertaining, but they aren’t going to garner a successful media campaign.  The videos I’m suggesting require proper lighting, a professional videographer and a script or a very clear outline.

Another idea worth mentioning is cross-promotion. Especially around holidays. You may offer an amazing brand or service, but there is definitely power in numbers.  The phrase, “If you can’t beat them, join them,” comes to mind.  If you find a like-minded company, why not partner for a holiday or event and offer a great package deal?  For instance, there are some really amazing charities that produce very successful fundraising events. If your brand is clothing and someone else makes delicious baked goods, offer a sweet deal for participants of a 5K event who are raising money for Breast Cancer or Children’s Literacy.  You can widen the reach with a contest for radio listeners and local newspapers. This will generate media for all parties involved.  And, in a world where we are becoming more environmentally conscious, health conscious, and socially conscious, it makes sense to have a brand that stands for these principals as well.

Happy pitching my PR friends!

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