Summer Pitching Tips 101

As the climate and seasons change, so does the world of journalism.  What might have been an effective PR strategy in the fall or winter, doesn’t always work in the summer; especially here on the east coast where the temperature raises and people flock to the beaches.

Tip #1 – KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE (really a good tip for any season).  If you are pitching a story idea to an east coast reporter or producer, try to anticipate what their audience is interested in.  If it’s a lifestyle or feature reporter from New York or New Jersey, think outdoor entertaining, sun protection, outdoor sports, and summer safety.

Tip #2 – TIMING IS EVERYTHING.  Know the ideal time to contact your target reporters and stick to it, unless you have breaking news.  Overall, Fridays, especially after 4pm, are a no-go zone.  Reporters have already filed their stories for the following business day. In fact, many businesses in the NYC-area have summer Fridays, so after 1pm your email will fall into the black hole.  Thursday is also a bit of a HOT zone if you are pitching a daily reporter.  Also, when there is important breaking news going on in that area or the world, don’t bother a reporter that covers “news” with your fluff piece.

Tip #3 – SUMMER IS A TIME FOR FUN.  Typically, summer is a time for family, travel and fun.  So, if you can spin your story to have a little fun or whimsy, do it.  Even if your client has a product that isn’t typically seen as “fun,” try to think how you could use it while entertaining or outdoors, and then make your client’s product part of a bigger pitch.

Happy Summer!





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